What to Bring to Japan from America | Gift Shopping in Los Angeles 🛍


This summer, I went to America from Japan to buy the best gifts to bring back. In this vlog I go shopping at target in Los Angeles to find the best American souvenirs to buy for my Japanese friends and coworkers. I’m shopping for gifts, souvenirs, and things for myself that are difficult or impossible to find in Japan. I also bring back some necessities for myself. These are also American snacks that Japanese people like. These are some great USA gifts for foreigners! I will provide you with ideas and useful tips on what to bring back to Japan from America for souvenirs or if you’re moving to Japan.

📍Target in Pasadena, California

I hope this gives you some ideas on what to do in and around Tokyo! Leave me comments and suggestions below. I want to know what you want to see! Don’t forget to subscribe.

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