🔬 what to expect in medical technology | philippines


💌 hi! thank you for watching!
in this video i talked about few things about medical technology/medical laboratory science with the goal of helping you guys, who might be curious about medtech. i also shared some of my personal experiences including how i tried to keep up in chemistry, knowing that my strand in senior high school was accountancy, business & management (ABM).

if you still have questions about medtech, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments. stay safe! 🍃

🕰️ here are timestamps para if ever you wanna skip through parts of the vid
00:00 intro
1:15 why i chose medtech
3:27 first day/week
5:05 tuition & misc. fee per sem
5:55 class schedule
7:30 subjects. may math ba?
13:14 venipuncture
15:07 mahirap ba?
19:48 outro

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