❣DIY Mushroom House Using Cardboard❣


Hello beautiful people! In this video I show you how I made a mushroom fairy house using cardboard from pizza boxes. I know the cardboard projects usually have a lot of edges and corners. My approach is a little different as I wanted to create a round object. This project is a little bigger than usual and it took me about two weeks to complete.
I start the project by tracing half of the mushroom contour on a piece of cardboard. This will serve me as a pattern and it will be multiplied 12 times. I also traced two circles, a big one for the base and a smaller one for the cap. I divided the circles with 12 lines. You can use only 8 or 10 slices, is up to you, but the more slices you have, the better. Then I glued the slices on the marked circles using hot glue. Now you should have the general shape of the mushroom. It’s time to make the windows and place them on the mushroom shape. I used stripes of cardboard to make the walls and better define the mushroom shape. To achieve volume for the door, mushrooms or windows I simply added more layers of cardboard and folded it in the desired shape. The structure I had in the end was sturdy and compact. For the stones I used some paper from old paper bags. I made irregular shapes by squeezing the paper in my hand and gluing those to the base of the mushroom. I also made some vines and leaves and placed them here and there. Nothing we done so far needs to be perfect as we will cover everything in clay. If you’re new here, the clay I use is “Das modelling material” because it has dimensional stability when it dries, which means it doesn’t shrink like a regular clay and won’t develop cracks. I used 3 kilograms of paper clay as this is a bigger project. The clay part should be done in two steps, one for just covering the surface and the other for details and textures. I made thin sheets of clay using a roller and covered the cardboard all around. When this layer is dry and hard it’s time for details. I made wood textures, metal elements, mushroom dots, striations and rocks. For the finishing touch I made some moss and placed it here and there. The way I made it is by driving the paper clay trough a tea sieve. You have to let it dry a little before gluing it to your project. I used acrylics for painting. I started by adding a color base for each element, then adding transitions, lights and shadows. That’s basically it. Have fun with this and I would like to see more of your creations! So if you don’t know by now, I have a Facebook group called “Creative Mom Club” where you can share your creations with over 20.000 creative people. If you have ever wondered if people actually make stuff they see on my channel, there is your answer. So come join my group to share your creations and get inspired. I’ll see you there!
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Tools & Materials:
Das modelling material –
Tin foil –
Watercolors –
Acrylic paint –
Lights –
Hot glue gun –
Fruit carving knife –
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Music – Frozen in Love by Aakash Gandhi
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