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How to Make Wood American Flag or DIY Blue/Red Line Flags. These are quite easy to make and you can turn quite a profit on them if that if you want to make money off your woodworking!

National First Responder day is October 28th, a day to remember those that tread the thin line between order and chaos, fear and courage. Often these first responders are forgotten but not today because #makersneverforget. William Patrick Customs ( a fellow ambassador and content creator challenged a maker, woodworker, DIYer, whomever… in all 50 US states to make a thin line flag and present to our local police or fire departments. The participation has been fantastic and at least one person in all 50 states, and some abroad, stepped in to make a flag! I made one for each of our small town departments and one extra to remember those in the military.

These are quite a simple project to make and will not take too much time, you can even make them with a hand saw if you don’t have any tools…not that you need that many anyway. The flags are 19.5″ x 37″ and can be stained, burned or painted in all manners to get every flag variation you might want.

John Builds it flag video:


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Items in the video (some affiliate links):
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