10 Best Dual-Sport Motorbikes for Off-Road Riding and Everyday Commutes


A dual sport term is more of a marketing description, rather than a strict definition of a motorcycle class. However, through the years the lineups of manufacturers have gradually evolved to include models that clearly fall under the Dual Sport category being equally comfortable both on dirt and pavement. In this episode we will explore the best representatives and newcomers from this family of bikes, reviewing the features that make them ideal multipurpose vehicles, as well as comparing prices and specifications.

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Yamaha WR250R: yamahamotorsports.com/dual-sport/models/wr250r

The first street legal model within the WR lineup appeared in 2008 and to a greater degree it has been carried over year after year without major changes. The Yamaha WR250R bike shares its DNA with the pure bred YZF motocrosser and the cross country oriented WR modifications
Yamaha XT250: yamahamotorsports.com/dual-sport/models/xt250

Distinguished by reliability, light weight and good performance, 2020 Yamaha XT250 traces its roots back to 1980s, when it enjoyed immense success among the public and has been a staple of back roads and farms.

Zero DS/DSR: zeromotorcycles.com/zero-ds/ 49-204

Zero motorcycles weren’t at all ambiguous when naming this bike. The DS moniker is a clear manifesto of its major purpose – Dual Sport use. The model was constructed around the city oriented Zero S, but received a longer custom tuned easily adjustable Showa suspension.

Zero FX: zeromotorcycles.com/zero-fx

The Zero FX is advertised as a bike for riding adventures and carefree everyday living. The latter is ensured by the sealed electric motor with a single moving part and a super-efficient carbon fiber belt-drive system.

KTM 690 ENDURO R: ktm.com/en/travel/690-enduro-r/

Built on the same platform as KTM’s one and only Supermoto, the 2020 KTM 690 Enduro R is a rather unique offering in the dual-sport segment, making more power than traditional models in this class and being capable of taking some serious off-road beating.

Honda CRF450L: powersports.honda.com/2019/crf450l.aspx

Introduced for the 2019 model year, Honda CRF450L managed to earn many favorable reviews from riders and critics alike, taking the dual-sport crowd by storm. This bike is a road-legal version of the CRF450R, that gets only the most necessary equipment to be road-ready, like LED lighting package, mirrors, a small LCD screen with a speedometer, and more pavement-friendly tires.

Honda XR650L: powersports.honda.com/off-road/dual-sport/xr650l/gallery

Introduced more than 25 years ago, for the 1993 model year, the 2020 Honda XR650L is one of the longest running production motorcycles, that to date, remains virtually unchanged since its original design.

Kawasaki KLX230: kawasaki.com/motorcycle/klr-klx/on-off-road/klx-230

The upcoming 2020 model year marked the arrival of three new Kawasaki models KLX230, KLX230R, and KLX300R. However, out of this trio, only the former one is regarded as a street legal dual sport.

Husqvarna 701 Enduro LR: husqvarna-motorcycles.com/en/enduro/701-enduro-lr/

Apart from the updated 701 Supermoto and the base 701 Enduro, the recent International Motorcycle Exhibition in Milan brought to us an unexpected reveal – the 701 Enduro LR, that gets a secondary front fuel tank, updated electronics, and model-exclusive graphics.

Beta 350/390/430/500 RR-S 4-Stroke: betausa.com/2020-models

The upcoming 2020 model year is full of big changes for the street legal lineup from Beta, since it is getting a complete frame and engine overhaul.



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