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Session 1 I In the face of extreme weather: Hail, wind, and fires

We investigate cases and present field data from weather-related damages, and dive into recent issues from the field. Investigation into changing technologies and impact resistance against hail damage – there is a balance between technology and reliability to reduce premature degradation and field failures.

00:00:00 Introduction
00:04:55 Jigar Shah | Opening remarks
00:23:19 Kaushik Roy Choudhury | Field performance of modules in the wake of changing technologies and weather
00:36:25 Erica Johnson & Marian Willuhn | In the face of extreme weather: Hail, wind, and fires
00:42:47 K Kaufmann | Hail happens
00:50:44 Panel | Weathering the storm: Water, wind & torrential rainfall
01:31:00 Tara Doyle | In the face of fire: Field data from California wildfires


Session 2 I Building resiliency through modern O&M

Operations and maintenance is now a much more critical piece of the solar landscape and the key to long-term resilience and competitive LCOE. As grid-scale solar becomes a mature, sophisticated business — so is the modernization of the O&M segment. The O&M role in the U.S. is being increasingly contracted out to a third party – a trend typical of a maturing power industry. Insights and discussions into alliances supporting the long-term ownership challenges and opportunities ahead for a 30-year-plus asset.

01:39:44 George Schulz | Collaborating on quality to reduce risk
01:49:33 Sarah Herman | Solar O&M and a changing climate: Lessons learned

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