How To Buy Anything From UK & USA To India or Any Country – Tax Free Shipping


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This a video tutorial about how you guys can buy from USA & UK then ship it to your country.
In this part one of two part video, and this video is a complete tutorial how you guys can buy from USA & UK to your country using

**Tax free :
To shop without USA sales tax; all you need to do is getting Ship7 address! Make your wishlist and shop from US online stores. Take advantage of massive sales on Halloween, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday! Follow these steps

1.Get Your USA & UK Addresses

Sign up with Ship7 and receive your free USA & UK addresses immediately. Once you registered Ship7, you will have your own suite in our warehouse.

2- Start Online Shopping From USA & UK

Shop online from multiple online retailers and take advantage of great deals of top US & UK brands. Use your Ship7 shipping addresses when you checkout. Ship7 will notify you when we received your packages at our warehouse. If a store doesn’t accept your credit card, use our ShopForMe service.

3-Receiving Your Packages

Once ship7 receive your packages, ship7 will consolidate your packages into one box and ship them to your home address. Save up to 80% thanks to free consolidation service. Avoid unnecessary dimensional weight with repacking service and save even more with Ship7.

4- Shipping Your Packages Home

We will send your packages to your location with the carrier method you choose from a variety of our trustworthy partners. Once packages your leave Ship7, packages will be delivered as little as 2-4 days worldwide.

Even the stores don’t offer international shipping; now, you can shop online from USA & UK stores with Ship7. Get your own US & UK addresses to receive packages from retailers and ship via Ship7.

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