Best Way to Say “I Love You Mom” with These Gift Ideas at Mother’s Day and Mother’s Birthday


  • 1. I love you Mom Mother’s Day Gift Card

    I love you Mom Mother's Day Gift Card

    Are you searching for ways to say your mother I Love You, so how about you pen it down on a handcrafted beautifully printed greetings card.

    This the traditional way of communication comes in the form of a heart touching handmade card of a sweet floral design with a matching envelope which is blank inside to pen down your feelings for your mom.


  • 2. Hardcover “I Love You Mom”

    Hardcover I Love You Mom

    A beautiful way to say I Love You to
    your mom is giving her a keepsake
    of her memories, the stories she shares
    with you and the commemoration of
    her hard work and love. So here comes
    a perfect gift in the form of a hardcover
    book with quotes written on alternate
    pages along with the blank ones.

    This the hardcover book allows you to
    say your mother that she means the
    world to you in your own words and
    you can also paste pictures on it.


  • 3. Wooden Mothers Day Gift Card

    A mother’s love is always expressible
    through her care and concern but
    when it comes to us, we find it hard
    to how to say to her that we love her
    as much as she loves us.

    This long-lasting beautiful wooden
    card comes to the rescue. It is the
    Best Mom Ever design card with blank
    space to write down your feelings.
    This beautiful card comes with a
    durable high-quality finish and a
    folded envelope with a red ribbon
    attached to it for a gift look.


    Wooden Mothers Day Gift Card

  • 4. Coffee Mug To My Wonderful Mommy I Love You

    Coffee Mug

    One of the best ideas to say your
    mother that you love her is to gift
    her this printed coffee mug with
    wonderful messages written on it.

    This 11 oz cup is made up of
    eco-friendly ceramic and is 100%
    dishwasher and Microwave safe.
    It is a good looking gift as the
    print never fades no matter how
    many times it is washed.


  • 5. I Love You Mom Rose Gold Plated Heart Pendant Necklace

    A beautiful piece of jewelry is something which is always close to a woman’s heart and saying your mother I Love You with this necklace is matching to no other gift. This necklace comes in a heart-shaped pendant encrusted with your mother’s birthstone and I Love You message engraved on it. It comes in 2 colors- Rose Gold and white made up of zirconia and sterling silver with an extender chain of the lobster clasp.


    Heart Pendant Necklace

  • Express your unconditional love to your mom by gifting her this handmade personalized soya wax candle jar. This candle jar comes with an I Love You Mom written on the top and allows you to chose your mom’s favorite scent among a list of 58 scents available.

    The candles are eco-friendly and dye free with 100% pure soy wax. Each candle comes in an already packaged box which is ready to gift.

    I Love You Mom Candle Mother's Day Gift


  • Personalised Illumer Scented Candle

    You want to say I Love You to your mom but are not able to do so. So let us help you with these personalized beautiful scented candles which come in 5 soothing and rejuvenating scents to choose from.

    It is totally vegan with a burn hour of approx 16 hours and comes with a gold or silver lid on which you can print a message for your mom.


  • How about saying your mother that you love her with a mix of innovation and tradition? Gift her this personalized photo upload card.

    This beautiful card allows you to upload the picture of your other on the top along with a printed message saying “ To A Perfect Mum From (your name)”. One can also add a special message to the inside of the card.


    Photo Upload Mother's Day Card

  • What can be a more beautiful way of expressing your love for your mother by gifting her this personalized photo frame with her pictures printed on it?

    This beautiful heartfelt photo frame comes in 4 sizes and 2 color frames which allow you to print 5 photos along with personalized messages to be written on it.


    Photo Upload Framed Print

  • There is nothing more comfortable than sipping a cup of delicious and steamy hot chocolate on a lazy afternoon or chilled evening.

    Express your love and gratitude to your beloved mommy by gifting her this personalized tin of hot chocolate with a soothing white and pink theme. It’s a tasty gift she can savor while you thank her for everything she does for you.


  • If your mother loves wine, here is the best way to say I Love you to her. Gift her this prestigious Bodegas Lozano wine with a personalized message written on the label which is scratch and waterproof.

    This elegant bottle is sure to impress which allows you to choose between red, white and rose wine.


    Personalised Wine

  • A child always adores her mother’s soothing face so why not gift her something that helps her peek into her reflection. ‘I Love You Mom”, say these words while gifting her this beautiful, portable and handy oval compact mirror with two mirrors.

    It allows engraving a message of your choice which will remind your mother of you whenever she will use this gift.


    Engraved Engraved Silver Oval Compact Mirror - I Love You Mum

  • Does your mother have a small child hidden inside them who love to devour chocolates? Then satisfy her sweet tooth with this delicious white milk chocolate and make feel her loved.

    It comes in a luxury gift box with a keepsake wrapper on which you can print messages of your choice to show how much you love her.


    Personalised Chocolate Bar - I Love You Mummy

  • The love between a mother and a child is valuable than any treasure so it’s time to say your mother those three valuable words by gifting her this beautiful and valuable mirror compact with Swarovski crystals.

    It comes with a beautiful card wrapped around it with a heart touching message and is made up of metal with two glasses one of which is magnified. On the mirror, a message is written: “The love between a mother and daughter is forever”.


    I love you card Mirror - Mother and Daughter Compact

  • Haven’t your mom been choosing all your clothes while you were a kid? Now it’s time to buy her something that she would love to wear like this cool handmade t-shirt with messages printed on it.

    These super cool tees are made of cotton or polyester and come in various sizes and colors.


    I love you Mom - Mama Love T-shirt

  • Sometimes saying your mother “I Love You Mom” is not that easy, right? So let’s make it easy the digital way with these hand designed SVG files or template which can be used for various purposes like to design a card, to printing it on mugs or tees or whatever you want.


    I love you Mom Svg for Mother

  • A moment always reminds you of the person who gifted it to you. Convey your gratitude and love to your mom by gifting her this token of love in a framed format.

    This handmade file is a digital item of lovely messages which can be downloaded into jpeg and pdf format and then can be framed as a perfect token of love.


    I love you Mom Printable Mothers day Presents

  • “I Love You, Mum,” say these beautiful words with this cool LED color changing acrylic lights which comes in 7 different colors. It comes with a USB cable for its operation.

    This beautiful showpiece is useful for decoration purpose whether it be home or office.


    I Love You Mum Heart Colour Changing LED Acrylic Light

  • Your mom is unique so say her “I Love You” by gifting her this unique silver spoon with a message stamped on it. It’s a vintage gift as each silverware is of different designs and shape.

    This beautiful gift will always remind your mother about you.


    We Love You Mommy Coffee Spoon

  • In this busy world where most of us are unable to make time for our parents, express your love by gifting her this beautiful high-quality watch made from wood and genuine leather strap.

    The backside will carry a lovely message engraved on it which will remind her of you when she will wear it.


    For All Your Love I Have To Say I Love You Mom And Always Will

  • A lovely set of 3 pear shaped bud vases are an ideal way to say your mom how much you love her.

    These beautiful vases are made of porcelain and have Love You Mom painted on them which are ideal for decoration. It can be used for holding little cute plantlets.


    Love You Mom Vases For Flower

  • Put a beautiful smile on your mother’s face by gifting her this insulated metal mug with a comfortable thumb rest.

    It is portable, durable and dishwasher safe and also comes with a message printed on it to let her know how much you love her.


    Gift Travel Mug for Mom from Daughte

  • Cocoon your mother in the warmth of your love by gifting her this cotton knit shawl with a personalized message on it. It comes in a vibrant pink color which is easily washable and light to wear.

    It is a perfect gift for your mother to wrap around her neck which will make her feel loved.


    I love you mom shawl Gift for Mom

  • “ I Love You Mom”, say these beautiful words with this beautiful gift of a jewelry dish. It comes in a combination of colors with a personalized section as per your dishes. Each bowl is unique as it is handcrafted and stamped and is perfect for rings, watches earrings and bangles.

    It comes in various colors of your choice with a marble type finish.


    I Love You Mum Jewelry Dish

  • Express your love by gifting your mom this beautiful rose gold stainless bangle with a dangling charm. The dangler has a message engraved on it for a unique touch.

    It is a handmade bangle and the two pieces can differ it even more special to convey your love to your mommy dearest.


    Rose Gold I Love You A Bushel And A Peck Bangle Bracelet

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