Story of the Original “Eurasians”


Who are the Eurasians? Or at least the groups of people originally called Eurasian by the Western powers. Although a growing number of people in the United States, Canada, the UK, Australia and elsewhere have adopted this moniker of Eurasian due to the fact that they are of mixed European and Asian descent, the term was originally used to refer to specific multiethnic communities that are an interesting product of colonialism and intercultural relations.

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Groups like the Anglo-Indians of South Asia, Dutch-Indos of Indonesia, Kristang of Malaysia, Burghers of Sri Lanka and other Eurasian groups scattered throughout the region of South and Southeast Asia are a fascinating microcosm of both European and Asian cultures, genetics, language and religion. Although dwindling in numbers and facing a bit of an identity crisis in the modern age, these Eurasian people groups certainly have one of the most fascinating histories out there. Thanks for watching!




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