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Christmas is a festival celebrated on the birth occasion of Jesus Christ. His birth is a symbol of peace and sacrifice for the world. But the Almighty has blessed almost everyone with kids. Their laughter, innocence, and love fill the voids in the hearts of the parents and make them experience sheer love and happiness. Then why not express your love to your little sweethearts by gifting them something they will totally adore. Nothing can beat the feeling of satisfaction and happiness when they unwrap their Christmas gifts and award you with that dazzling smile.

Now the biggest problem that arises is what to buy them as a Christmas present. But, relax we got you covered as here we come with some mind-blowing and adorable toys and games for kids Christmas gift ideas. Each gift idea is of a unique nature to suit the vivid personalities of your children. We are sure that they are going to adore these gifts. So, let’s make this Christmas worth remembering and special for them.

1. Star Wars Remote Control Millennium Flying Drone

Is your little one an aspiring astronaut or a fan of Star Wars? Buy your little one this Star Wars Air Hogs Remote Control Millennium Falcon XL Flying Drone. Let them get behind the wheel of their favorite smuggling freighter and explore the galaxy with authentic detailed design, lights, and sound. This can be the best Christmas present with a flight data screen, an onboard barometric pressure sensor and 6 axis gyros to pilot.

Star Wars Remote Control Millennium Flying Drone

Images: Star Wars Remote Control Millennium Flying Drone . Images Source

2. Traxxas TRX-4 Scale and Trail Crawler

Nothing can beat The Traxxas TRX-4 Scale and Trail Crawler as the best Christmas gift for boys. It is remotely operated and comes with differential locks, sharp turns, and maximum traction. It is waterproof and can tackle the toughest technical climbs. It has a dual fit battery tray with long travel aluminum GTS shocks providing plenty of articulation and height adjustment.

Traxxas TRX-4

Images: Traxxas TRX-4 Scale and Trail Crawler. Images Source

3. Race Car Building Kit and Engineering Toy

Your little hero is a car lover, right? Here we come with the best Christmas gift for car lovers and aspiring future engineers, LEGO Technic Bugatti Chiron42083 Race Car Building Kit and Engineering Toy. This amazing supercar replica comes with gleaming aerodynamic bodywork, logoed spoked rims with low-profile tires, and detailed brake discs. It is a sheer joy to toy car enthusiasts as it comes with a cockpit and gleaming aerodynamic bodywork, logoed spoked rims with low-profile tires, and detailed brake discs

Race Car Building Kit and Engineering Toy

Images: Race Car Building Kit and Engineering Toy. Images Source

4. Toilet Paper Blaster Skid Shot

Gift your children this user-friendly and super fun Toilet Paper Blaster Skid Shot toy this Christmas. This skid shot transforms toilet papers into clean hygienic spitballs. They are biodegradable and easy to clean. One just needs to load the paper, fill the tank and it is ready to play with. It is safe as it does not hit that hard and is a fun toy to play with.

Toilet Paper Blaster Skid Shot

Images: Toilet Paper Blaster Skid Shot. Images Source

5. 3D Mechanical Craft Set

UGEARS Wooden Puzzle, 3D Mechanical Craft Set is a perfect Christmas gift for that brainstormer in your home. It is an assembly kit made up of high-quality plywood. It comes with a detailed step by step instructions which makes it easy to assemble. It is an exciting experience to put the models together and create a masterpiece out of it.

3D Mechanical Craft Set
Wooden Puzzle

Images: 3D Mechanical Craft Set. Images Source

The Buddy Bumper Outdoor Play Ball is a great Christmas gift for kids. This portable and inexpensive ball comes in vibrant colors. It is ideal for poolside parties, brunches, picnic or family get-togethers where your child can have fun. It provides a good calorie-burning play medium which you simply need to inflate before wearing. Let your kids jump, roll and swim wearing this bumper ball.

Buddy Bumper Ball
Wearable Body Bubble

Images: Wearable Body Bubble. Images Source

Are you pondering over what toy to gift your kids this Christmas? Elastic Precision Model 1911 Rubber Band Gun is a perfect gift as it is a classic model made up of hard maple and walnut wood. It is semi-automatic and fires 6 bands and reloads faster. A pack of 100 rubber band comes with it. It is pretty like aiming rubber bands with our fingers.

Rubber Band Gun

Images: Rubber Band Gun. Images Source

8. Remote Control Spiderman Wall Climbing

Defying gravity can be super fun for kids. This Christmas gift your little one this Remote-Control RC Spiderman Wall Climbing car. It has an advanced air system and Traction technology that sucks the car into the wall. It is an ultra-lightweight with a powerful suction fan that enables it to move even over ceilings. Watch the excitement in your kids when they will play with this car and it will move across the ceiling like a lizard.

Remote Control Spiderman Wall Climbing

Images: Remote Control Spiderman Wall Climbing. Images Source

9. Marvel Avengers: Endgame Iron Man

We as well as our children loved Iron man 3000, right. So, why not gift them something which can be an ideal Christmas gift for them like this UBTECH Marvel Avengers: Endgame Iron Man Mk50 Robot. Gift them their favorite superhero to play through a series of nanotech weapon field tests and battles. This walking talking iron man robot can be connected to an app to play the game.

Iron Man Game

Images: Marvel Avengers: Endgame Iron Man. Images Source

If your kid loves to play with shooter guns, here is the best Christmas gift idea for him. The Zero fog blaster is a ray gun which can shoot some rings for up to 12 feet distance. It uses a water-based fog liquid to shoot smoke rings. It is easy to use and nontoxic in nature. It is a safe toy with water jet though some water leakage is common.

Blasts Smoke Rings

Images: Blasts Smoke Rings. Images Source

11. Titanium Spinning Top

What can be a more perfect Christmas gift for your kid than the world’s oldest toy transformed into a timeless jewel. Forever Spin Titanium Spinning Top is the perfect gift designed to last forever. The top is lightweight, durable which makes it perfect for upside-down spinning. This precious top comes with a unique symbol which can be passed down to generations as a memento.

Titanium Spinning Top

Images: Titanium Spinning Top. Images Source

12. DMaos Ferris Wheel Fidget Spinner

DMaos Ferris Wheel Fidget Spinner is the best Christmas present for your kid if he/she loves fidgeting. It is made up of sensory processing of stainless steel. It helps children to relax while they are stressing over something. Besides being fun, it helps kids to relieve anxiety.

Desk Toys Spin with Stand
DMaos Ferris Wheel Fidget Spinner

Images: DMaos Ferris Wheel Fidget Spinner. Images Source

13. Marvel Comics ArtFX+ Hulk Statue

Kotobukiya Marvel Comics ArtFX+ Hulk Statue can be the best Christmas presents for your avengers’ fan kid. This replica of the favorite superman character hulk is intricately designed with the signature green color of the skin and purple pants. The protruding veins and the built body gives this hulk statue a perfect angry look.

Hulk Statue

Images: Marvel Comics ArtFX+ Hulk Statue. Images Source

14. LEGO Ideas 21311 Voltron

One of the best Christmas gifts for kids is LEGO Ideas Voltron Super Robot. Enjoy seeing your kid saving the universe with this legendary defender toy. The set comes with a buildable and highly posable colored parts to form the robot. It gives a feel of the real galaxy world revolving around you.

LEGO Ideas 21311 Voltron

Images: LEGO Ideas 21311 Voltron. Images Source

15. Multi Game Table for Kids

IFOYO Multifunction 4 in 1 Steady Combo Game Table is a unique gift you can give to your kids. Their hectic schedule may be preventing them from indulging in outdoor games. This combo will allow them to indulge in their favorite sport even in the comfort of the home.

Foosball Table
Multi Game Table for Kids

Images: Multi Game Table for Kids. Images Source

An ideal gift for your children this Christmas can be this 3D puzzle. it is an eye-catching, self-propelled wooden model kit. It can be converted into a safe or locker to keep your valuables. Let your kid flaunt their mechanical skills by gifting them this puzzle. This will not only help them to brainstorm their mind but will also sharpen their creative skills.

3D Wooden Puzzle
Portable Travel Charger for iPhone

Images: 3D Wooden Puzzle. Images Source

17. World’s Smallest Solar Powered Car

Lowpricenice Solar Car can be a unique gift that you can buy for your little one this Christmas. This high-tech car has a micro solar-powered roof. It does not require battery as it runs on solar power. It is a suitable gift to gift your little one while making them realize the importance of solar energy and energy conservation.

World's Smallest Solar Powered Car

Images: World’s Smallest Solar Powered Car. Images Source

18. Excavator Digger with Traction Treads

Your Christmas presents for your boy can be this Rolly toys CAT construction ride digger and excavator. It consists of a scooping and digging shovel. Playing with it will teach your kid coordination skills. It is made up of high-quality metal and is totally safe for your children to play with.

Excavator Digger with Traction Treads

Images: Excavator Digger with Traction Treads. Images Source

19. Ponycycle Ride-On Unicorn for 4-9 Years Old

Do you want your child to experience the thrill of riding a horse whenever they want? Vroom Rider X Ponycycle Ride-On Unicorn can be the best gift. It gives the feel of actual riding by bouncing the saddle. The horse’s leg and head can be moved forward or backward by rotating them in a galloping motion.

Ponycycle Ride-On Unicorn

Images: Ponycycle Ride-On Unicorn for 4-9 Years Old. Images Source

20. Infinity War Hero Vision Iron Man

The best gift you can gift your superhero fan kid this Christmas is this Marvel Avengers: Infinity War Hero Vision Iron Man AR Experience. This augmented reality experience pack comes with AR mask, AR goggles, gauntlet, AR markers and infinity stones. Hero vision app is needed to play this game.

Infinity War Hero Vision Iron Man
Iron Man AR Experience

Images: Infinity War Hero Vision Iron Man. Images Source

21. Nerf Elite Darts for Kids

If your kids like playing with toys, then gift them this Infinus Nerf N Strike Elite Toy Motorized Blaster with speed load technology. It automatically loads darts in the drum providing non stop battling action. It is a super cool toy to indulge in some playing action.

Nerf Elite Darts for Kids

Images: Nerf Elite Darts for Kids. Images Source

22. PLAYABLE ART Helicone

If your kid loves mysterious and magical things, this Christmas gift him/her this Playable Art Helicone. This supercool magical transformation toy is inspired by the Fibonacci Numbers and the Golden Angle. You can see the helicome revealing various mesmerizing structures before your eyes.

Portable Travel Charger

Images: PLAYABLE ART Helicone. Images Source

23. Electronic Arcade Claw Machine

Kids love to play with the candy prize dispensers at the play zone. So why not gift this Electronic Arcade Claw machine to your beloved little ones. This arcade game has a joystick that controls the claws for realistic play. Fill this battery-operated toy with your own choice of candy, gum, and toys and let them claw to get the prize.

Electronic Arcade Claw Machine

Images: Electronic Arcade Claw Machine. Images Source

Propel Star Wars Quadcopter Wing Collector’s Edition Box is one unique gift that you can present to your children this Christmas. It can battle up to 12 quadcopters at once. It is battery operated and can fly reaching up to 35mph with 3 speed settings. It has altitude stabilization and is pilot friendly.

Propel Star Wars Quadcopter
Star Wars Quadcopter

Images: Star Wars Quadcopter. Images Source

25. HEXBUG BattleBots Arena

Do you want to present your kid something cool and impressive, then HEXBUG BattleBots Arena is the best choice this Christmas? This game board is nominated for the innovative toy of the year. It consists of activated pulverizing hammers with ultimate robot slowdown. Let your kids enjoy the battling of destructive machines unfolding in this arena.

HEXBUG BattleBots Arena

Images: HEXBUG BattleBots Arena. Images Source

26. Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K

Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K can be a great gift for your kids this Christmas. This battery-operated blaster comes in two eye-catching colors of red and blue. It consists of an easy-loading hopper. The blaster comes with 100 impact rounds providing ultimate precision and is also fully motorized.

Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII
Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K

Images: Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K. Images Source

27. Lamborghini Aventador Remote Controlled Ride-On

Vroom Rider Lamborghini Aventador can be a great Christmas present for your kids. It comes in an eye-catching color with a remote control. You can have control on it while your children enjoy the stroll in their super fancy car.

Lamborghini Aventador

Images: Lamborghini Aventador Remote Controlled Ride-On. Images Source

28. LEGO Super Heroes The Hulk Buster Smash

LEGO Super Heroes The Hulk Buster Smash 76031 is one of the best gifts you can buy your children this Christmas. It includes 3 mini-figures and assorted weapons and accessories. It involves a mission to free the hulk from prison which is sure to entertain your kids to the fullest.

LEGO Super Heroes

Images: LEGO Super Heroes The Hulk Buster Smash. Images Source

29. Rocking Monsters Toys

Linen Art Rocking Monsters Toy ride on animals is a perfect gift for your toddler this Christmas. It is a unique rocking toy which is safe, ergonomic and extremely entertaining. It is durable and safe for your kids to enjoy the ride without getting harmed.

Rocking Monsters Toys

Images: Rocking Monsters Toys. Images Source

30. Ultimate Batmobile RC Vehicle & Figure

Pondering over what to gift your baby boy this Christmas? Here we come with this Justice League Ultimate Batmobile RC Vehicle and Figure. It gives a thrilling experience with its remote-control systems. It has a special jump mode and elevated batmobile for prime targeting. Let your child enjoy this thrilling experience and save Gotham City.

Ultimate Batmobile RC Vehicle

Images: Ultimate Batmobile RC Vehicle. Images Source

The above-mentioned list comprises of every type of toys a kid loves to play with. Choose as per your kid’s choices and let them feel the real world with these small miniatures. Toys have the excellent capabilities of giving you the thrill of real fields in the four walls of the room.

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