13 Essential Businesses This Crisis

13 Essential Businesses This Crisis

Have you been wondering about the current situation of the business sector? Well, 2020 has caused a lot of damage to the sector. Many businesses suffered from debts and great loss because they had to close down for a while. Not all businesses were allowed to operate because of this pandemic crisis, only necessary and essentials were approved to open.

Here are some of the life-sustaining businesses that you can still access. Just a friendly reminder when you are visiting any of these, strictly follow social distancing and the proper regulations instigated on each of them.



The most obvious among this list are hospitals. Hospital ranks the first and most important out of all. They handle the positive patients and those who are in life and death situations. And yes, hospitals are also the most at risk when it comes to being infected.



While many are working and staying at home, the increase in delivery services riders is not surprising at all. Logistics companies are one of the most important businesses in the midst of this pandemic. Since lockdowns and strict regulations are implemented, people tend to order more online whether it’s food, drinks, groceries or just household stuff. Even companies that you do not expect to deliver are now shifting to delivering their goods or services.

Given that the virus is likely here to stay for a while, going back to normal face-to-face transactions is not happening very soon. So, expect many delivery options will be offered in the market in the next few weeks or months.



Pandemic or not, food and drinks are part of every human lives. It is a necessity that everyone needs in order to survive each day. Even if there is a crisis happening, the demand for food and drinks is not going to decline which makes it an essential business whatever the season is. Stores that sell ready to eat meals or drinks are important, because not everyone can go to the grocery stores and buy ingredients. And with months being at home, we can all agree that sometimes buying (drive thru/ take out) from fast-food chains, restaurants or drinks shops are much more convenient than preparing your own meals.



Ever since this pandemic started, eating at your favorite restaurant is not allowed so you are more likely to stock up on goods. Your local groceries and supermarkets are very important. Just recently, small businesses like these have increased their customer demand, you can’t travel far and that leaves you with shopping at the nearest convenient store or small retail store in your area.



Even if everyone is staying at home, pharmacies are still vital during this time. The COVID-19 symptoms are just like normal symptoms of common illnesses such as flu, cough, cold, and allergies. To treat the symptoms early and to avoid making things worse, pharmacies must remain open to sell medicines to its locals. Pharmacies should never be considered unnecessary because people with maintenance medicines rely on them, so do not worry about them being closed.



Cleaning services are essential business that should be on top of the list. With the fast and easy spread of the virus, it’s not shocking that the demand for these services are through the roof! Sanitizing, cleaning and disinfecting not only houses but also companies, facilities and business establishments are in great demand. These kinds of services are not likely to fade sooner, and it really is a must for everyone who owns a place or building.



Well, yes you read that right! Banks are also significant businesses even if there is a pandemic. In a crisis where you should have money for buying what you need, banks come in handy. They offer a lot of services like loans, opening of accounts, and others. 



For front liners who go to work every day or those who are just travelling, gas stations are something they rely on greatly. Gas stations also contribute well to its local community because they have convenience stores which the local folks can easily access.  In order to cope with the pandemic, gas stations are adding items in their racks and these are the usual consumer products such as bread, toilet papers, rice sacks, cleaning stuff, etc.



Veterinary clinics, dental clinics, lying-ins, psychiatric clinics and other health-related facilities must remain open, MOST especially during these trying times. Not only COVID-19 positive patients are the one who are in need of treatment. Patients who suffer from other illnesses and pain must also be accommodated, therefore healthcare facilities are essential.



The e-commerce industry has been around for quite some time but the pandemic intensified and highlighted the importance of this industry. Since physical and traditional stores have been closed down, online stores and platforms are taking over. Almost everyone is adjusting to this “new-normal”. Uncomfortable risky long lines and shopping trips will be avoided if you just purchase through different online platforms available such as Amazon, Etsy, Ebay, Lazada, Shopee, Alibaba and many more. The ecommerce industry also opened a way for small local businesses to be seen and recognized by the market.



We can all agree that transportation is a need not “wants”. With strict restrictions and rules, transportation companies are adapting to the changes caused by COVID-19 so that they can accommodate and help people make it in their destinations. Not all is privileged enough to own a car, and that is why whether it’s a public or private mode of transportation, the importance of it never changes.



If you are not expecting farms to be included on this list, then you should think twice about that. Farms and farmers are the back liners of this pandemic. They provide us with fresh crop harvests, without them we probably have to live with only manufactured and processed foods. And that is going to damage our health pretty badly.  Farmers are usually underrated but they actually deserve more, mostly in this kind of situation.



A lot of us are dealing with unemployment because many businesses closed down. Jobs offered by WFH companies skyrocketed these past few months. Many are looking for opportunities where they can still earn money even at the comfort of their own home. Companies from all around the globe which hire employees of all sorts play an important role in this pandemic.




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