13 Kdramas You Need To Binge This Covid Pandemic


With all the crazy things happening around, 2020 gave us all a hard time. On the brighter side, it opened a great way for Kdrama to be a top hit in many countries. If you are stuck at home, why don’t you start binge-watching these 13 Korean drama must-watch? 

Make sure to include all of these on your list, once you start watching you will definitely crave for more! Join the craze and get ready to have some fun!

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If you are looking for a kdrama that tackles mental disorder, then you must watch this. The story is about a man who works selflessly in a psychiatric ward and has to take care of his autistic brother as well. The role is played by Kim Soo Hyun as Moon Gang Tae. On the other hand, Seo Ye Ji as Ko Mun Yeong plays as a children’s book author with an antisocial personality disorder and she has never been in love. Their love story begins and as it unfolds, they realize that it’s okay not to be okay at times.



If you want a fresh romantic and timely show, Love alarm is the right choice! Introducing two boys who are both interested in the same girl. Kim So-hyun stars as Kim Jojo, Song Kang as Hwang Sun-oh and Jung Ga-ram as Lee Hye-yeong are the main characters in this complicated love triangle story. Because of the popular app called Love alarm which is connected to the user’s heart, hiding feelings is going to be impossible.



A woman who successfully owns a make-up and clothing brand. Due to her success, instead of her two older half-brothers she was chosen to be her father’s top contender on taking over his company. One faithful day, she went on paragliding but ended up being caught in a thunderstorm. She landed on the north Korean border where she met a soldier. Son Ye-jin as Yoon Se-ri and Hyun Bin as Captain Ri Jung Hyuk starts this captivating series.



A South Korean hit that captured the attention of many! This series is about an ex-convict who wants to follow his father’s footsteps by opening up a bar in Itaewon. He wants to avenge his father’s death (accident) while putting his life back together.  The main character Park Sae-ro-yi is played by Park Seo-Joon. This is not your typical revenge plot. Get your tissues ready because you are going to need it for laughing and crying.



If you are a fan of fantasies and you like the idea of parallel worlds, then this Kdrama should be on the top of your list. Starring Lee Min Ho who is an emperor of a Korean monarchy who happens to pass through a portal that leads to Korea’s modern republic. He met a policewoman who is played by Kim Go Eun. Would they be able to close the doors on two worlds and save lives? If you want to find out, better get your popcorn and start watching!



A story about five college friends who attended the same university in 1999. They all work in the same hospital as doctors. It is all about the day-to-day events in hospitals which also explores bonds beyond patients, doctors, and medical students. This unique show is packed with star-studded casts that you do not want to miss.



She seems to have it all, success, wonderful career, wedded life, and amazing friends! A family medicine doctor played by veteran actress Kim Hee, starts planning and taking her revenge when things crumbled down. Her friends betrayed her and her husband played by Park Hae Joon was having an affair. If you want to see how things turned out, you absolutely need to watch this.

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Five years ago, Cha Yu-ri played by Kim Tae-hee died in a tragic accident. She now wanders the earth as a ghost to look after the family she left. She was given a second chance to come back to life again, and only has exactly 49 days to reunite with her love ones. Your eyes are going to cry hard with this show.



Many went crazy on this awesome series, and I can’t blame them! If you haven’t seen season 1, you are missing a lot! The cliffhanger season left the fans wanting more and it’s finally here! The story focuses on Prince Chang who’s trying hard to put a stop on the plague/ zombie pandemic happening in his country while not being infected or killed. This is definitely a must watch!



A single mother for 14 years has suddenly been caught among 4 men. She works as a movie producer for a company. In the past fourteen years she never had a boyfriend, but now torn with who to choose. If you want to watch Song Ji Hyo, Son Ho Joon, Song Jong Ho and Kim Min Joon on one screen, this is absolutely your show!



Yoo Seung-ho is Dong Baek who is a detective with supernatural ability to take a look at a person’s memory by just touching them works in the police force. Dong Baek teamed up with the high criminal profiler Han Sun-mi played by Lee Se-young. As they hunt down the serial killer at large, they were caught up in a much more complicated situation as they unravel strings of murder. If you want to watch some fantasy thriller action, this is just perfect!



Looking for a romantic comedy? This is what you are waiting for! It’s about a woman, Seo Hyun Joo played by Hwang Jung Eum who got tired of ‘love’ because she always ends up heart broken. Now that she thinks that men are all the same, well she suddenly gets caught up with two opposite men trying to win her.



Well, if you are up for something new, extracurricular got you! Kim Dong-hee as Oh Ji-soo, is a smart student whose goal is to enter college. He was abandoned by her mother, and his father is addicted to gambling. He provides himself for every day. In order to save enough money for college, he started an illegal business which is an app that set dates for sex workers. Things were working just fine, until one of his classmates discovered the secret.





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