How To Wash Hands Properly To Avoid Viruses


If you are looking for a cheap way to get yourself protected from unwanted viruses, then do not look further! The answer is just a minute away from you, it is even in the comfort of your own home. If you guess “hand washing”, then you are absolutely right! Handwashing is the best way to reduce the spread of germs, and it lessens the risk of getting sick. But even though handwashing is a simple task to do, it still requires a proper procedure.

Teach your kids, little brothers or sister, cousins or your friends the proper way to wash hands. It is not simply putting on some soap and rinsing it through running water, there is more to it. Do not underestimate the power of handwashing, okay? Encourage regular hand washing on your household, it just sounds so basic and boring but it will do you really good!

By simply washing your hands you are getting rid of bacteria, germs and viruses you got from other people or surfaces. Did you know that flu and cough can occur by simply rubbing your hands to your eyes or nose right after you have been contaminated? Germs and viruses are not seen by the naked eye so you should definitely be extra careful when it comes to touching the things around you.

To maximize the benefits of a good handwashing, you must follow these simple steps:



Soaps have different nature and different purposes. Maybe you do not even check what soap you are using when you are washing your hands, but I do not blame you, keeping track of everything is hard. Still, when you are at the grocery try to check the labels and ingredients of the soap. Beware of unapproved brands available in the market, do not be tempted by their cheap price. Go for your trusted brands.

You are probably wondering how effective soaps are, right? Do not worry, I am going to tell you the secret. It’s because soaps break down the structure of harmful viruses and bacteria, as simple as that. The most relevant example would be the Coronavirus or COVID-19 virus, the soap dissolves the fat membrane (which is also called as the lipid layer which is apparently the weakest point of the virus) and it makes the structure fall apart thus killing it.

  • Preferably buy regular soaps that would be used specifically for washing your hands. You can splurge on your bath soaps, it may be for whitening, exfoliating, moisturizing or whatever you want. A good old plain soap will do the job when it comes to hand washing.
  • Anti-bacterial soaps and regular soaps do the same job. Anti-bacterial ones do not have enough evidence or scientific proof that it works better on preventing illnesses, so save yourself some money.
  • Buy which is more suitable for your situation. Bar soaps and liquid soaps have both their advantages and disadvantages, yet they are equally effective when it comes to washing hands. Carefully choose what you prefer.


Now that you are done with the concept of soap, we will proceed with the actual steps of proper hand washing. This is not going to be complicated, just follow along. Go to the sink, then open the faucet to get started. Wet your hands for a short second

  • Cold or lukewarm water is the ideal temperature. You are most likely to wash longer if the water is not too hot, since it does not make you feel uncomfortable.



Grab your soap and rub it in your hands. Remember to not leave the soap too wet or else it is going to melt easily. If you are using a liquid soap, apply a generous amount on your palm. Avoid pumping too much product, a thumb-size is enough to do the job.



This is the most important step that you must take seriously. After putting soap, it’s time for some action. Rub your hands and let the soap lather. These may seem too much work, but it makes a great impact on reducing the spread of viruses.

  • Rub your palms together, do it gently.
  • Put your palm over the left dorsum while interlacing your fingers, and rub them as well. Do this on the other hand (left) too.
  • Now, palm to palm with fingers interlaced.
  • Do not forget to clean your fingers and fingernails.
  • Scrub a little bit of your arm too and;
  • Lastly, clasped your finger and rub it rotationally on the other palm, do it versa.



Make sure to wash for at least twenty seconds, you should not go less than that.

  • If you find counting until twenty boring, then you can sing the “happy birthday song” twice. That is a fun timer, if you would ask me.



Rinsing your hands is where the virus is being washed away. This is when you get rid of the virus from your skin, so rinse it well on clean running water. Give it a few seconds to ensure that there is no residue left.

  • Check every part of the hand, make sure it is clean before finally drying.



For drying your hands, use a towel specific for hand drying only. Do not use other towels lying around, or else your hands will get dirty and infected again.  Dry your hands well.

  • Tissues are recommended so it is for one-time use only. Observed proper disposal of your waste.
  • After drying your hands, you should turn off the faucet with the tissue you just used.



Now that you are done with washing your hands, you can use put on some hand sanitizer or alcohol after. If you are running out of supplies, then you can skip this. As long as you properly washed your hands then you are good to go!





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